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Our most frequently asked concrete questions are answered below

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What do we do with sprinkler heads?

The first thing to know is that we deal with it a lot.  In Colorado, most landscapes have irrigation in order to keep grass green.

Irrigation is something we deal with on almost every job for the last 19 years so you can trust that it is all easy to handle.  Here are a few things we can do.

  • Re-shape beds to accommodate existing irrigation.
  • Re-locate heads to accommodate new edging
  • Raise heads to accommodate new borders
Irrigation is not difficult to deal with and should not be something that keeps you from upgrading your landscape.

What about rain

It's concrete, so can this get wet on the same day?

These systems can get rain within an hour of our landscape border installation being complete.

We count on the Colorado Springs (and Colorado’s front range) forecast to have rain practically every day in the spring.

We are very mindful of the forecast and bring protection for the system for the rare case that a surprise thunderstorm comes up.   

Poured in-place Concrete Edging

One continuous piece for a lawn border

A Better Edge concrete edging is one continuously placed run of a cement alloy specifically designed for Colorado Landscapes.   It is engineered concrete that looks amazing and really works.  It is poured on-site to fit your landscaping.  Unlike pieces that are set lengths, our landscape edging adapts to your specific lawn.  It is made to help stop encroachment that is common with pieces.

Our landscape border system is made from a concrete alloy

So, will it crack?

Over the last 19 years, we’ve developed a cementitious alloy material that makes A Better Edge the most durable concrete lawn border available.  In 100′ of edging, we rarely get one crack.

This is because we have spend much R&D to be sure the cement alloy used in our landscape edging is engineered for Colorado Landscapes.

We use specially designed admixtures and proprietary placement procedures to ensure the best outcome.  These procedures have been developed specifically for our industry and many similar businesses across the country ask us regularly for support in this area.

Do i need to seal the concrete?

Get a Perfect Outcome

Most of our decorative edging systems include a protective layer of a sealant as part of the package.   Colorado has a very extreme climate for concrete and we have developed a mix design that has stood the tests well.


Most sealants on the market are acrylic based and those acrylics can break down with sunshine.   The amount of time it takes for a sealant to break down will depend on many factors including

  • time
  • amount of sunlight to an area
  • amount of moisture to an area
  • others

We recommend you seal the concrete whenever it begins to look dull and washed out.

Sealed concrete curbing for a landscape border

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