Your plants need water

Winter watering

10 inches of snow to equal 1 inch of water!

That’s right.  And when was the last time it snowed and stuck around for long?  Watch this important message from a landscape pro.

Don't risk frost damage or death

“All plants, newly planted trees and shrubs in particular, run the risk of frost damage or death without winter watering. Keeping the soil moist will keep roots from drying out, which prevents root loss and die back…” –Timberline Landscaping

What you can do:

A good rule of thumb is to water your turf, trees, and other plants 2 times per month over the winter months, especially when we receive less than 2 inches of snow. Water only when air and soil temperatures are above 40 degrees with no snow cover.

Help, I need water


Do not turn on your irrigation system over winter as this can lead to frozen pipes and costly repairs. Disconnect and drain your hoses after each use to avoid damage from freezing temperatures.

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