Will concrete color FADE?

Jennifer recently asked:

What concrete colors fade less than others?

Occasionally, clients are not sure what color to choose but want to know, from a maintenance standpoint, what concrete colors will fade faster than others.  In addition, she asked,

-Is there a process to up-keeping/maintaining the concrete edging?

-Once we prep and you pour the concrete how long do you have to let it set before you seal it?

These are great questions.  So good that we’ve made this video blog of it:

All the colors are based on synthetic and natural iron oxides which are color stable.  This means that the base color (integral) mixed into the concrete should not fade.  That being said, colors such as red and orange will tend to look much more washed out with nature’s elements on the surface.  We have a 5-year warranty on the edging if the client signs up for our color activation program.  This program involves a cleaning of the surface to keep the concrete looking fresh.  It adds warranties on coloration and movement to the system installation. Mainly, the concrete should be cleaned and sealed every 2-5 years depending on surrounding elements.

We typically use a curing and sealing combo which we attempt to apply the same day we install the border system.  If the client wants a deeper color or more sheen, this is done after 2 weeks. You can read more about concrete color choices on our blog, or contact us for more info.

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