Landscape Curbing Adds “Curb Appeal”

Landscape curbing is becoming quite popular across the country.

As a leader in the industry we have helped many businesses across the states and Canada become better service providers for their clients and helped the industry grow in many ways.

When someone pays for a project to be installed, they are not only expecting certain levels of professionalism and quality of the people but also their aptitude in the service they are providing. We try to help our students understand that landscape curbing is simply someone adding a curb to a yard. Whereas the A Better Edge complete border system involves a very professional look at the way the client will use the system for many years and how it will hold up.

One of the areas most concerning to us is final placement of the concrete. If a lawn border is placed along a street or butts up to a sidewalk or curb, there are certain things that should be considered.

What is the chance that the new concrete will become a tripping hazard for someone on the sidewalk?

You can easily see in the adjacent photo that the ‘curbing’ is shaved off at the sidewalk rather than a soft taper. This can create a tripping hazard.

The reason the contractor did this is because they are only trained in running a machine that spits out a shape. In order to adjust the shape to accommodate a landscape, the contractor must be skilled in concrete and be keenly aware of how a landscape will be used in the future. This comes with experience and study.

Also, if the ‘landscape curbing’ is placed near a street curb, as cars are turning around the damage can easily occur. Leaving a homeowner with a nasty mess that just doesn’t look pleasing to anyone.

These images show A Better Edge border systems meeting up with other elements such as sidewalks, street curbs and patios.

Notice how in each situation we are mindful of several things, including the driveway height so there is not a driving or tripping hazard as well as how the yard will mow when it meets the driveway, sidewalk or other typical home elements.

“Placement is a key factor in making a complete border system that clients will use and enjoy for many years. A few extra minutes to make it right will contribute greatly to their happiness and your success.”


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