Tree Circle stone pattern

Decorative Landscape Edging Patterns

Looking to pick out a style for your landscape edging?

We install the best looking and most functional concrete lawn borders on the planet. When you are trying to decide what style to use on your home, here are a few ideas:

Think Formal or Natural


Formal styles will have more defined shapes such as brick or block styling. A formal style will also be more likely to have only one or two dominant colors


Natural styles will have less defined shapes and will tend to have more ‘coloring outside the lines’ effects. This may be achieved with texture, size, shape, color or all of the above.

Natural Stone

The above is just a sampling of available options. It is important to remember that all of our concrete edging is seamless. Meaning that it is installed all in one-piece, on-site as wet cement and once it is cured, it is solid concrete! You can choose from an array of colors as well as styles.

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