Decorative Concrete Colors

There are hundreds of color options available for tinting concrete.

Concrete can be integrally pigmented (oxide pigments added to a mix design), stained, antiqued and painted.  With all of the combinations available, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide on a color. Especially when a color card is only a general idea of what a tone or shade of color will actually look like.  Due to the natural variation in cement colors, there are no guarantees made that a product will come out looking like a color card.  Therefore, we always suggest that our clients choose colors from samples on-site.  Even photos of projects can be deceiving as computer screens and handheld devices will alter the color dramatically.

We recommend that our clients simply choose either something from a sample or just give us an overall general idea of color; say grey or tan or brown or terra-cotta.  We can help guide from there.  Color cards are available for someone who is super picky about the color in their landscape but overall, most of the colors we offer are earth-tones and will go well with just about any home.

For those that need a color card, we recommend looking here:

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