The Messy Mistake of Buying Metal Lawn Edging

Over the years we have replaced A LOT of metal edging.

Why? When designing a landscape most people give little thought to the type of edge to use between grass and rock or grass and mulch beds. It’s an important element but as we try to find a place to spend less, metal edging is often the choice. Then, in a short while, their dog cuts its paw or the rock begins to spill out and gets run over with the mower or many other issues that make a homeowner think of replacement. Most of the work we do is replacing metal edging.  We see that many have went the cheap route but are fed up with constant maintenance and safety problems. One of the biggest issues is grass encroachment.

The metal edge is just too thin to be a good root barrier. The grass grows under it or, as in the case of the above video, over the metal edge very rapidly.  The weed fabric does little to stop it.   We are no fans of bashing any product or person, but we have to inform you that, for most scenarios, metal edging is not going to do what you are asking it to do. The edging in the above video is the commercial-grade, supposedly ‘top of the line’ stuff.  And we plainly see that it just doesn’t keep the grass from encroaching.

The real solution is a continuous, thick and deep border such as landscape curbing.  Here at A Better Edge we’ve gone even further than most.  We over dig the trench where the concrete goes and we make a very dense, proprietary concrete mixture.  The result is an extremely durable, root barrier that will last for years!

Find out more about how our edging system works when you set up an appointment today!

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