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Struggling with your yard?
  • Grass encroaching into your rocks?
  • Rocks spilling into your grass?
  • Neighbors complaining?
  • Has metal edging cut dogs/kids feet?
  • Plastic coming up?
  • Brick borders shifting?


 make a huge difference WITH


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We install concrete edges that will:

(no more metal)

(it really works)

(eliminating landscape horrors)

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ABE The EdgeHog

"Stop Wasting Your Weekends and Start Enjoying Them."

-ABE the EdgeHog

Professional, minimally invasive installation

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Awards & Recommendations by Colorado Springs Top Landscape Pros:

Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs
Better Business Bureau
Angie's List Award 2015
Angie's List Super Service 2016
Angie's List Award 2018
Fisk Lawnscapes
Colorado Tree Farm Nursery
Hiner Landscapes
Sunflower Landscapes
Bear Claw Landscapes

What's this going to cost?

Average price

Our average project size is $2800-$3500 for a front and back yard edging system in Colorado Springs.  Pricing depends on many factors including the amount of preparation needed to pour the concrete alloy material (the borders sit in a trench – not on top the ground), location, ease of access, number of runs, type of lines (straight, curved, jagged, uphill, downhill, on the side of a hill), size and shape of border chosen, and overall distance.

We do offer consultations on site to discuss all the details, but to get started, We will give you a free online quote based on your description and/or a few pictures.

Picture frames turn posters into art.  Let us frame your landscape to protect, beautify and enhance your life.

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How much is your current edging costing you? How many times do you look outside in dismay of the amount of work needed to accomplish a nice looking yard? How many times to you regret hosting friends because you feel embarrassed about your landscape?

After spending thousands on a nice landscape package, you shouldn’t have to be spending valuable family time to keep it nice. Your border should keep it nice without difficulty. 
Metal and plastic lawn edging are imposters. They make you think they will work for you but in the end, they won’t do their job and since metal edging is such a safety hazard, it may already be costing you a great deal.
Nearly 90% of homes have a hidden metal knife in their yard. Is your’s one? Your kids and pets should be able to run without you having to worry about their safety.

We regularly hear stories just like this one.

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1000’s of Pet Paws Saved

18 year Local Colorado Springs business

Countless rescued weekends

Great Warranty

“This edging can literally save thousands by stopping injuries to your dog’s limbs and paws.”

-Colorado Springs Veterinarian

Complete Replacement

Zero Cut Paws

Weekends back

Maybe An Award


-ABE the Edgehog

YES! We love seeing nice yards

Eliminate frustration

Everything we do is to eliminate frustrations in your landscaping and help you come home to easy. We do it by creating beautiful concrete edging that outlasts everything else. Metal edging doesn’t work. Brick edging doesn’t work. Plastic doesn’t work. They are all frustrating and demoralizing. What we do works, makes lives easier, and is beautiful to look at. 

Keeping dream landscapes in tack

A Better Edge changes homeowners into Landscape Heroes by replacing dangerous metal, or other imposter edging, with a concrete alloy that actually works and looks amazing.

Allowing dog owners to avoid costly vet bills and… Keeping dream landscapes in tact so neighbors say,

“Wow, nice landscape!”

Experience counts

Nearly 20 years of experience keeps us at the forefront of design and innovation. There is likely no job site issue we have not already solved multiple times for others.

When you connect with us, we promise to give you the best upfront AND post project care.

Initial consultations cover your aspirations for the project, layout, drainage, existing landscaping concerns, styling, coloration, sizing, shapes, etc. to get you the perfect edging for your home that will last for many years.

  • Durable: A Better Edge is made of Reinforced, Engineered concrete alloy.

    The material was developed by us, for our clients and for our climate. It is proprietary and the best in the business. (Feel free to ask more)
  • Custom installation: Minimally invasive and professionally fit to your space

    A Perfectly custom fit means lines and contours to fit your home. Existing Irrigation? Not a problem! Poured-in-place, solid concrete alloy means less grass encroachment and easier maintenance. Nearly 20 years of experience keeps us at the forefront of design and innovation. There is likely no job site issue we have not already solved multiple times for others.
  • Trustworthy: A+ BBB. Angie's List award winner.

    A Better Edge is a nationally recognized industry leader. Many other similar businesses use our photographs and copy our original designs. We have trained companies in Colorado as well as across the states and in Canada on how to work with our unique system. We are a Local Colorado Business with Local Colorado Employees. Nearly 20 years in business.
  • Reliable: Will not rot, rust, pop up or break part.

    The material was developed by us, for our clients and for our climate. (Its the best in the business. Feel free to ask more)
  • Knowledgeable: The best people

    A caring team of real people working together toward your success.

BY THE 1000's

Due to our impeccable

  • The Best Job Possible: All of our systems are fit to your landscape
  • Professionalism: High character technicians with no smoking or drinking on the job site
  • Hitting the target: We aim for Perfection
  • ​Satisfaction: We stay on the job until you are happy
  • Cleanliness: We keep the work site as clean as possible

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