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Tried going to the local big box store for edging lately? Good luck. The chore of edging and weeding your lawn seems to be one that will not relent. Chad and Kara Livingston of Colorado Springs know the feeling. That's one reason A Better Edge is becoming a household name in our little city.

Us Coloradans like our outdoor living areas and we probably wouldn't mind trimming so much... if it only took a few minutes. But constant weeds and grass in our flowerbeds; arrgh! Fortunately, there is a solution that saves time and looks great too.

A Better Edge concrete landscape edging.

A Better Edge, Inc. installs continuous, reinforced, stamped concrete for use in lawn and garden borders. Concrete outlasts metal, wood and plastic and it allows for curves and contours to fit the demands of today's landscaping.

A Better Edge brand concrete landscape borders are used to define garden areas, separate planting beds from grass, contour xeriscape planters and even outline driveways. A Better Edge designs their own unique patterns and clients may choose from over 200 color combinations.

Chad Livingston, president and founder of A Better Edge, Inc. remembers how they got started, "My dad saw a franchise operation in Illinois and thought concrete edging might do well in Colorado Springs. We decided there was no benefit to us or our clients by going with the available franchise opportunities so we put our resources into something that Colorado Springs could call their own."

After seven seasons of Full-Time operation in Colorado Springs, the A Better Edge brand is becoming widely known and more and more of an attraction to home owners who are tired of rusty metal or flimsy plastic edging.

"The shape and size of the original A Better Edge is determined by the individual needs of each landscape. During a free consultation, the position, size and contour of the border are all taken into account; leaving clients with the best possible scenario for their home. Our clients are so excited about the natural beauty of our service, and we love that about what we do. Its extremely hard work, but our clients really enjoy watching the process and we don't mind sweating in front of them"
, says Chad.

A Better Edge makes their continuous sections of durable concrete right on site. The design is first laid out in paint with the client; then the team goes to work; trenching out sod or leveling bumpy areas in the landscape.

"One great function of the A Better Edge brand is that it makes for a great weed barrier," Chad comments. "Our standard borders are 6 and a half to 7 inches wide and when working with existing landscapes, we trench the area where our edging will be placed so grass and weeds have a tough time jumping it. In an attempt to keep grass from growing under the concrete, we pour the concrete deep into the trench, providing a solid border. Whereas, brick layers and the like will use a bed of sand/gravel to level and raise their product, which will allow grass to encroach through and under this type of a border. We don't want that and neither do our clients."

They mix their own reinforced blend of cement, color and special additives, on site, right out of their truck. Next, using special equipment and tools, they create a continuous 'curb' around the home. Several craftsmen or 'artists' as Chad likes to call them, then trowel and shape the wet cement into a beautiful, continuous root barrier. The crew (a team of four to seven) stamps the cement, adds shading effects and properly engineered contraction joints, then seals the concrete. Most applications take less than a day; meaning, you can have your border installed on Friday and be planting trees and shrubs on the weekend.

Chad and Kara Livingston both credit their relationship with God for any observable success of A Better Edge. "I saw a bumper sticker the other day that I really liked, 'If God is your co-pilot, switch seats!" says Chad. "Although we've seen many people come and go over the years who've attempted to start something similar to A Better Edge, we're determined that God has us in this spot for a reason. I think most do not account correctly for the costs and forget that we live in the Rocky Mountains where it does snow and shut you down for several months out of the year. But regardless of all that, we are thankful for the work we have and the employees we're able to take care of."

The A Better Edge brand does not come in pieces, nor is it sold in stores. It is custom installed on location to each client's specifications. And that's all they do; Concrete Edging. Artistic, Clean and Fun!

"We're a local business, not a franchise. When people call, they are talking with the owner. Our clients like that."

For more information about A Better Edge brand concrete landscape edging, call (719) 233-3343 or go online towww.ABetterEdge.com

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