Installation day

Once our estimate is complete, we schedule the installation. When the installation day gets here, our crew arrives with their job plan and will only need access to a potable water source and an electrical outlet. Most often, the Owner of the home and the foreman of the crew will walk the property for finalization of any specific needs in the landscape. We will use marking paint to draw out the installation area and flags to mark any special needs.

For existing landscapes, our clean crew will use Sod-cutters and shovels to prepare grass areas.  We take out existing edging and move rock or mulch when necessary. Our equipment is designed to minimize or eliminate disturbance of existing plantings. We utilize compact, professional equipment to create a small, graded trench in the installation area. For most standard applications, this trench is approximately 10 inches wide by two inches deep.

We use regular garden wheelbarrows to transport the cement to the installation area and we compact the raw cement through a mold while traveling around your landscape in the desired layout. By using a moulding machine, we eliminate the need for costly, cumbersome forms or tire marks in the landscape.

Using a moulding machine saves the time of forming, but generates a need for skilled craftsmen to be able to work in an efficient manner.  The low-water mix we use allows for the cement to stand on its own directly out of the mold. When the cement comes out of the mold, it is not very pretty. The skill of our craftsmen then transform the raw cement into a beautiful finished landscaping border. Unique finishing, stamping, coloring and curing all result in your one of kind garden border. The entire process is efficient, neat and fun to watch.

Chad LivingstonComment