Why should I plan my lawn and garden project now?

If you are thinking of having landscape work done in Colorado Springs this spring, do not wait.

For the professional, landscaping is not a short summer job for extra cash. Thus, they have been working hard even throughout the winter months; gearing up for our usual spring rush. And it happens, just like that, every year. People who haven't had landscape work done for a long time or especially people who have arrived in Colorado Springs recently are usually unaware that reliable crews with great reputations will book up fast. It is not uncommon for even the larger companies to be booked out for several weeks, even months.

Its not that we need more landscapers; the issue does not seem to be numbers. The issue is that honest, hard working, by the book companies take the time to do things right the first time and spring is the time many people get the 'fever' for landscaping; I know I do. I look forward to more Sunday mornings on the back deck with a book and a cup of coffee while our daughters play in the yard. This likely leads to my wife having a great idea for the lawn and boom, we're off on another project.

I remember when our business was young and a client called me in December while there was snow on the ground to get an estimate. I was overjoyed that I could run estimates in the winter and begin to book spring installs. At the time I thought our client was 'jumping the gun' and had time to wait. But the client said to me, "I want to be on your schedule for spring." Low and behold, our client was right on the money. Every year, spring rolls around and the phones ring consistantly.

We work regularly with the best landscape crews in Colorado Springs and the same thing happens to them each year as well. So, if you are thinking of having work done in the spring, get on their schedule now.