About A Better Edge lawn and garden edging, borders and curbs.

Who is A Better Edge of Colorado Springs?

A Better Edge was incorporated in 2002. We are based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are the original and only installers of A Better Edge brand landscape borders and curbing. The owners, Chad and Kara Livingston, institute years of customer service and design into a unique style of edging, including: a stronger, longer lasting, reinforced, crack resistant mix design and superior pattern quality that only The Original A Better Edge brand provides. We are fully insured by liability and worker's compensation insurance. We operate legally above the board with all aspects including payroll and accounts. We have 15 plus years of experience in customer service and communications so you can rest assured The Original A Better Edge brand produces a superior product and strives to provide its customers the best service available anywhere. Ask us how!

We believe in rewarding our clients by being courteous and serving them with genuine interest. We believe in blessing our employees by paying them well for a job well done. We believe God's hand is in this business and we share that with our employees. We believe that giving to God first is what He wants. We believe God will reward us for obedience but we strive to desire the Relationship with Him rather than the Reward. We believe in the Love of Jesus Christ for all of humanity. We believe Genesis as well as Revelation. We believe in sharing and caring.

Employment/How we operate

Our employees sign non-compete agreements and are liable for information disclosure. All employees are invited to take on bonus compensation efforts and are paid well for the industry. Our crew consists mainly of Owner, Foreman, Finishers and Material handlers. Each team member undergoes specific job training by the owner for machine operation, finishing capabilities, stamping techniques, mix design and placement, curing, cleanup, etc. Each team member is cross trained to understand the importance of theirs and other's positions and competition is assessed by all team members.  Our employees are asked not to smoke or use foul language on the jobsite.  We carry liability and worker compensation insurance at all times.

A Better Edge qualifications

We are the original and only installers of A Better Edge brand landscape borders and curbing. We are also authorized Curb-It® installers, Concrete Curbing University graduates and advanced members of the Curb-Alliance. We promote from within and do not hire temp agencies or 1099 labor.

Chad Livingston is two time 3rd place winner at the National Border Olympic in Phoenix, AZ. (A Nationwide open competition for businesses of our kind)

A Better Edge is recognized by our suppliers as one of the top producers of Colored and Patterned concrete edging.

Our research has led us to techniques in mixing and stamping concrete that are unique and only available from the original A Better Edge brand. We offer custom colors, shading, unique patterns and hand carved designs if you so desire.

Because the Original A Better Edge brand is so unique, we receive National and Global inquiries about our techniques and practices from both potential clients and competitors.

If you are looking for something that is not shown on our website or in our photo gallery please ask us about it. We can customize edging to almost any specification. The majority of the options you see are available in a wide range of colors. Talk to your landscape contractor, call A Better Edge at 233-3343 for a free estimate or view our articles for more information.

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