We opened in 2002, offering A Better Edge landscape edging to help people have an easier time mowing and trimming while maintaining a beautiful landscape.  As a Colorado Springs-based company we incorporate the culture and style of the city into our designs. Over the past decade, our artistic services have grown to include Artisan Vertical Concrete, Cast in place concrete 'stone' Retaining walls and fire pits, Stamped Concrete, Artisan Concrete Staining and  Concrete Refurbishing.  Our techniques are sought after world wide and many similar companies have come to Colorado Springs to train with us on how to do what we do; offer the Best Looking, Longest Lasting products on the market.

Tired of plain old carpet?  Want to spice up your basement wet bar?  Hand-finished, stained and polished concrete are awesome looks and so easy to maintain.


Does what a landscaping border should!

Easier to mow.  Holds back material.  Stays in place.

Hundreds of landscapes Since 2002


Watch this short Video of our crew at work!

"One of the best decisions we ever made" -Mike and Nancy Simms, University Park, Colorado Springs

"This is the most attractive part of my landscape" -Mrs. Schmidt,          Kissing Camels, Colorado Springs

We take a typical wall and make it extraordinarily beautiful!

Creating, by hand, each stone out of a special cement blend that we place on the wall. We hand carve this 'mud' and after it sets up we stain it.  This allows us to create virtually any sized or shaped stone that you, or we, could imagine.

Fire pits, retaining walls and Interior vertical finishes from solid carved concrete


We fix nasty concrete?

Make your concrete new again!

We take poorly maintained or chipping and fading concrete and refurbish it so it will look like it should have when first installed.

If you have concrete that is starting to fail, spaul, chip or is discolored, we can help. We use green methods to remove existing finishes, then we densify and restore the concrete. We can make it last longer and we can add neat new looks with polishing or staining and even add texture.

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